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of the interactive
wholeness of being
degenerates to dissonance
with humanity's obsession
to possess and control
through knowledge
and ownership.


Chapter One Does Humanity Have a Future?

The intention of the Mayan calendar makers was prophetic
and eschatological. The Maya believed, for reasons which are,
perhaps, forever lost or, even, soon to be revealed, that the
coincidence of the winter solstice sunrise with the part of the Milky
Way that they called “xibalba be”.. would not be, as some have stated, the end of the world, but its moment of true creation. The Maya believed that creation would only occur at a predictable time in the future in 2012 AD . . .

It was our time that fascinated the Maya,
and it was toward our time that they cast their ecstatic gaze, though it lay more than two millennia in the future at the time of the first long count.

John Major Jenkins
(Maya Cosmogenesis 2012)

The Mayans were a little understood Indian tribe living in Central America, Mexico and Yucatan around the turn of the last millennia. In every way, except one, they seem to have lived as Stone Age people, having had no wheel or beast of burden. Yet, even to this day, their amazing mathematical system and sophisticated calendar continue to command a healthy respect from modern day scholars.

Some, in making a study of early civilizations, suggest this mysterious and sky-wise tribe may have come to our planet as ‘galactic surfers’, arriving from another dimension, possibly for the purpose of their own enlightenment . . . though, subsequently, leaving behind clues and information of ourselves from an outer view . . . one small plant, for the most part self-involved and unaware of its place in an unimaginably immense galactic community. Matter had been, and remains, Earth's most knowable reality but underlying the nature of even the densest of matter, is vibration and resonance ... restricted waves and energy. That waves and energy do not cease at the boundaries of Planet Earth is only ordinary common sense. We, ourselves, are of them and in them. That our experience encompasses but a tiny and immediate bit of universal life and energy does not, in actuality, separate us from the rest, or limit our being either in time or place.

According to Mayan theory, the "galactic wave" was due to "hit the beach" one might say, in 2012 A.D. (December 21, to be exact) marking the end of a cycle.

to be continued...



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