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  A Collection of poetry by Frances Wosmek

      The Ghost of some great beauty
haunts my mind .. somewhere, sometime,
         I must have known it well
      that it should re-occur
              like fragments of an interrupted rhyme.

        Sometimes it lights my memory
 in a blinding flash ...
       But when I start and cry,
   the dark recesses of my mind
          dispose it to a fading sigh.

        A tune unspent? A silent bell
restrained from joyous ringing? ...
      stilled memory? ... a muted bird ...?
            what song that aches for singing?


Afternoon swims lately
across the believing heavens,
and the cool, conceiving waters,
rhythmic as the day's ebb,
sweep shore
in the moonflow
of a single tide

A bare brown boy
oceans a pink starfish
in the cup of his hand.
Each concedes the incomprehensible
chasm of breath,
and the rays converge
to a still point.

                                Cool in the iris and amethyst air,
evening brushes its moon-silk hair.
                                          Sun shouts of children,
                          Wild-wind sweet.
                fade to stillness
                                as fields of wheat.

                            Shawled with shadow,
the sleeping Earth teems
                         with the shimmering dust
                             of shining dreams.

                                       Then, soft moth wings
                              of the purple night
                    fold with the coming
                               of dawn's pink light.



Creating is a form of prayer.
Man senses beauty everywhere.
His mind and hands need seek to trace
the dimly felt outline of grace.

That he should be so bold to dare
his own Creator's task to share,
in humble gratitude he seems
to shape the very God he dreams.

Then when he finds the likeness fair,
his own face finds reflected there.


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