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Children's Books

Following is a list of books in approximate chronological order that are written and/or illustrated by Frances Wosmek. Most of the books are out of print. As all her early work was published before royalties were paid to their creators, Ms. Wosmek does not profit from their sales in any way... But we are thrilled that you are visiting her site and enjoying her work! If you have a copy of a book and would like it signed and inscribed by her, please send Frances an email!

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Sky High by Frances Wosmek,

Kenosha, Wis.,
John Martin's House [1949]

Throughout the Day, by Edith Lowe, illustrated by Frances Wosmek, [1949]

hardcover Bonnie Book #4050.


Cuddles and His Friends, written and illustrated
by Frances Wosmek. W. Foulsham and Co. Ltd [1949]

Adorable short stories and illustrations in a large full color picture book.


Twinkle Tot Tales, written and illustrated
by Frances Wosmek.
John Martin's House [1949]


One Two Cockadoodle Doo  by Josephine Van Dolzen Pease, illustrated by Frances Wosmek, Chicago, Rand McNally[1950].  OCLC: 871  Rhymes introduce numbers one to ten: "One, two, three/Come and play with me."


The Magic Sprinkling Can - A So-Big Book, by Edith Lowe, Illustrated by Frances Wosmek, Hardcover, Garden City Publishing Co., Inc. [1950]  


Twinkle Tots, My First Tall Board Book, written and illustrated by Frances Wosmek,
The Twinkle Tots, winged residents of the clouds, are busy with different tasks each day of the week.
Glazed pictorial boards. Published by Peter Haddock. 

Go-To-Sleep Book by Helen Earle Gilbert, Illustrated by Frances Wosmek, Hardcover,  Rand McNally [1959] 

A sweet, tiny picture book.


In the Space of a Wink
written by Frances Wosmek
Chicago, Follett Pub. Co. [1969] In the space of a wink, between the ticks of the clock, a ten-year-old child finds a land especially for dogs.


A Bowl of Sun written and illustrated by Frances Wosmek, 
Children's Press, Chicago, Ill. [1976]
A little blind girl learns to cope with a new environment when she and her father move out of their old neighborhood. 

Never Mind Murder by Frances Wosmek
Hardcover, The Westminster Press [1977]
Sandy and her mother rent an old Victorian house that is  haunted by the ghost of a young artist who was murdered there. 

Mystery of the Eagle's Claw written by Frances Wosmek, Hardcover, The Westminster Press, [1979]
When her adoptive parents die, Quail is sent to live with an aunt at Maine inn. She finds herself in a dangerous situation when she discovers a conspiracy to defraud her aunt.

Letís Make Music written by Frances Wosmek
Houghton Mifflin Company, [1981]. A group of animals hear music every night and search to find the source, resulting in an animal band.

The ABC of Ecology, written and illustrated by Frances Wosmek,  May Davenport, [1982]
A small softcover coloring book in English and Spanish that, with charming line drawings, introduces ecological precepts for children.  

It's Nice to be Nice, illustrated by Frances Wosmek,
Avon, Mass, [1982]. Story for young children that teaches good manners. 

A Brown Bird Singing written by Frances Wosmek,
illus. by Ted Lewin, A Beech Tree Paperback [1986, 1993]
Left behind by her father to be raised by his neighbors on a Minnesota homestead, a Chippewa Indian girl worries he will return and take her away from the only family she remembers.  

Neighbors by Frances Wosmek
Font & Center Press [1993]
This very timely book presents the idea of diversity by means of pictures of people doing different jobs.
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Books for Adults

Acknowledge the Wonder: Harmony with the Natural,
A quest book from The Theosophical Society Pub House.
by Frances Wosmek  [1988]
This book points the reader toward a renewed sense of wonder and oneness with nature. With balance and beauty Wosmek delivers profound insights combining science, nature, art, philosophy, conscience, and a loving concern for all that lives.  



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