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A story based on Salem witches and the witch trials written and illustrated by Frances Wosmek

Lorea Webb stood still and straight as a birch-broom in her new Sunday clothes, listening to the clip-clop of her father's horse disappear down the quiet streets of Salem Village ... maybe forever.

Slowly and painfully, her numbed awareness took cautious stock of the small, bleak room that marked the end of her long day's journey. Other than flames snapping and crackling from the hearth, a deathly hush seemed to have descended, with her own sad and lonely self in its midst.

Her eyes swept the room in search of a friendly face. The circle of relatives was frozen to a somber silence. Then, slowly, ever so slowly, her gaze passed from Uncle Tad to the cousins, Patience, the twins ... Tobias and Eben, finally settling on the most compelling of the eyes burning like two live coals from a mountains of bedding. This she knew, was Aunt Kate, the one relative who had agreed to the responsibility of her, offering a home, of sorts, but with conditions that had been carefully spelled out.


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