Baboo, the Friendly Bear

written and illustrated by Frances Wosmek

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                          Behind a big clump of trees
            Baboo and his mother were having their breakfast
                                                 of sweet, ripe strawberries. *

                               "I am lonely," said Baboo.
                  "I wish I had someone to play with."
                                     "You must look for a friend," his mother said.
                          "Where will I look?" asked Baboo.
            "Look in the forest," his mother said,
                                        "There are rabbits and squirrels and a lot more.
                         They are all looking for friends, too."

                       So Baboo went out into the forest
                     looking for a friend.
                                     First, he looked under
                          a strawberry plant. 

                  Then he peeked under a big log
                            that was covered with moss. 

                            He tried to be VERY quiet, but
                                      he knocked over a toadstool. 

                     Baboo felt very sad and lonely.
                               He went down the path
                         that led to the pond.
                                    Maybe I can find a friend
                behind this columbine, he thought.


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